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Cabarete, Dominican Republic, is a charming little beach town with a mix of locals and transplants alike, whose lives revolve around the ocean. One waterman is considered an icon for his caring, innovative spirit: Marcus Bohm.

For over 30 years, Marcus helped Cabarete transform into the "Water sports capital of the Caribbean". 

Marcus stepped off the plane from Germany in 1990 and immediately fell in love with Cabarete. He recognized the immense talent in the youth and has worked since to train and improve lives.

Marcus taught kids how to windsurf by creating the “Cabarete Kids Team,” entering them into the 1991 Cabarete Windsurf World Cup. Most of them would become champions.

In 2003, he founded the Master of The Ocean competition showcasing surf, windsurf, kite surf and SUP. The event has since inspired local talent.

Marcus trains local youth to become lifeguards, surf and swimming instructors, while cultivating ocean conservation.

Master of the Ocean creates sustainable projects to enhance young lives through water sports, swimming, lifesaving and ocean conservation.

He is committed to elevating the lives of underprivileged children of the north shore of the Dominican Republic through water sports, lifesaving certification, swimming training and ocean awareness. This will solve multiple problems: poverty, drownings and lack of education overall.

His project is two-fold:

Master of the Ocean competition in surf, windsurf, kite surf and stand up paddle (SUP), to become the number one world championship for water men and water women.

Happy Dolphins Project, next to his life partner, Patricia Hiraldo, to create more job opportunities through instructor training programs in lifesaving, swimming, water sports and ocean conservation. A child who loves the ocean will care for it always.

The Master of the Ocean gives young athletes an opportunity to showcase their talent on a world stage, while the Happy Dolphins Project's goal is to reach 2000+ youth and children through local foundations with multiple programs:

Click here to know more about Master of the Ocean.

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